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treehugginhippy's Journal

There's little to say about me -- this journal is less a place for epiphanies and more a place for communication with friends and, occasionally, myself. This is a place for rants and raves, simple reflections and "this is the story of my day."

I'm 27, married, a certified HS English teacher (although I didn't get a teaching job this year!), lover of poetry, art, and the creative genius in general. I'm trying to live a low-stress life this year, retaking control of my finances, my weight, my apartment, and my emotions -- all of which are suffering horribly.

I'm eccentric and I enjoy it. I revel in being different, although I have no tattoos and a moderate 6 holes in my ears (3 pairs). I'm a mild otaku (lover of manga/anime) with my favorites being Sailor Moon and anything by Yu Watase.